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Boardroom table and chairs

Columbian Financial Group

John Dore

Chairman of the Board

Michael C.S. Fosbury

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeanne M. Clarke

Senior Vice President, Chief Administration Officer

Simone E. Davis

Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer

Frank L. Lettera

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Richard S. Relf

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Derouin

Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary

Lesley A. Frey

Vice President, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer

Gregory Sim

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dale A. Spencer

Vice President, Investments & Chief Investment Officer

Todd M. Swenson

Vice President, Special Markets and Product R&D

Steven Szubert

Vice President, Controller and Treasurer

Xiangmei Tang

Vice President, Corporate Actuary

Aron Chun

Second Vice President, Valuation Actuary

Tariq Hussain

Second Vice President, Actuary and Data Analysis

Vance Farrante

Second Vice President, Investments

Alan Igielski

Second Vice President, Product Actuary

Jose A. Larrazabal

Second Vice President of Digital Innovation

Theresa Russell

Second Vice President and Assistant Controller

Donald R. Stone

Second Vice President, Investments

Steve Su

Second Vice President, Plan Actuary

James Gross

Assistant Vice President, Technical Services

Kelly Klink

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Projects and Customer Service