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Core Values compass


We recognize the dignity and worth of every person and every role. We value each other as individuals and understand each person's right to civility, boundaries, personal space, professionalism, beliefs, and opinions


We insist on doing the right thing even when no one is watching and no one will know. We communicate with transparency and we hold ourselves and each other accountable for acting ethically and honestly. We honor our commitments and keep our promises


We deliver the very best in all we do for all of our customers, internal and external. We help each other when we cannot complete tasks by ourselves and we cooperate together to get the job done and work toward success.


We are all in this together working toward a common goal. We take the time to show care, kindness and concern for our fellow employees, customers, partners and our communities. We are a team and we belong together.


We believe that our co-workers and leaders are authentic and sincere and will not harm us; we feel safe. We develop relationships with each other and our customers and partners based on credibility, honesty and fair dealing. We have faith in one another because of our history together, our actions and behavior toward each other and our shared Reason for Being.