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By prearranging and prepaying your funeral, you will relieve your family from having to deal with a heavy emotional and financial burden while grieving, while ensuring that you’ll receive the meaningful services you want. If your Funeral Home is affiliated with Columbian Life Insurance Company, they can help you prefund your funeral with life insurance

  • Prefunding your arrangements through life insurance has the following benefits:
  • Because the benefit amount of your policy is expected to grow each year, many funeral homes will guarantee the price of the goods and services they provide. This means that you purchase the policy based on the amount that your funeral would cost today, and the funeral home agrees to accept the policy benefit amount to pay for your funeral expenses at the time of need, no matter how much the funeral prices increase.
  • Under certain circumstances, the policy may be excludable from your assets when qualifying for Medicaid.
  • If you have other insurance policies that are intended for specific purposes, such as education or living expenses, your family will not need to use them to pay for your funeral.
  • You can choose to have Columbian pay your funeral home directly, so your family won't be faced with details such as finding the policy or completing forms at a time when they need to be taking care of each other.
  • If you move away from your current area, your policy can be used to fund arrangements with a funeral home in your new home town.
  • You can pay for your policy with a single premium payment or with payments spread over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.
  • Single Payment policies are guaranteed issue, with no health questions asked.
  • Eligibility for a Multiple-Payment plan is based on a few simple health questions. Multi-Pay plans with a modified death benefit are available for those with health issues. These policies pay a percentage of the face amount or a return of premiums plus interest for death occurring in the first one or two years, depending on the policy issued.
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This describes Policy Form No. 9F101-CL, 1F113-CL, 9F111-CL, 9F112-CL, 9F113-CL, 1F124-CL, 1F125-CL, 1F126-CL or state variation. Product specifications and availability may vary by state.